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Bait Boards & Bucket Holders


Justice Welding specializes in building standard and custom cooler racks, used for beach travel, fishing and camping. All racks can be mounted by Justice Welding or can be mounted personally. 


NOTE: All racks mounted by Justice Welding will include an extra cost for the mounting. Prices will be determined according to size of rack. Custom sizes also are available.


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STANDARD RACK SIZES:                    

  • 3' x 1.5'

  • 4' x 2'

  • 4' x 30"        

  • 5' x 2'        

  • 6' x 2'        

  • 6' x 3'        

  • 5' x 30"    

  • 6' x 30"  


Designed for camping, our rear platforms are built to fit your camper and are mounted to your truck's tow-hitch. These aluminum decks offer you an easy dissent to the sandy beach and can hold hundreds of pounds making them great for extra storage. 


Artfully crafted, using stainless steel alumninum and high impact polythene, our deluxe bait boards are easy to clean and built to last.

  • Bait Board & Single Mount Bracket (for racks)

  • Mounting Bracket (for racks)

  • Bait Board (for boats)


Hold it all together and don't forget the bucket. Made of stainless steel, this cable-ring attaches to your cooler rack and effectively secures 5-gallon buckets with ease.


Made of aluminum, our beach spikes allow you to fish multiple lines without multiple people. Protected from rust, sand and surf, we offer various sizes and styles. Don't forget your spike holder, which fits up to 8 spikes and can be easily mounted to your cooler rack.

  • 1.5" TOP x 4' Regular Weight Sand Spike  

  • 2" TOP x 4' Sand Spike 

  • 2" OPEN TOP x 4' Sand Spike 

  • 2" TOP x 5' Sand Spike  

  • 2" OPEN TOP x 5' Sand Spike  

  • Mountable Sand Spike Holder

(Holds 4, 6 or 8 Spikes)  




Enjoy dinner without the hassle. Open your clams easily with some assistance from our handmade opening tool. Clams, not included!


For all your welding needs and hot racks on the beach.

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